How to Host

Hosting allows you to welcome other Freebird Club members into your home. This gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded Freebirds, and providing guests with a comfortable base for the duration of their trip. As a host, you can help a guest experience your area with ease and a local’s knowledge. For this, you can decide on a nightly rate to be charged. This payment will go through 24 hours after the guest arrives at your home. 

If you choose to be a host, The Freebird Club website will function to connect you with potential guests. This process has been tailored to make things as effortless as possible. 

Interested Freebird members will contact you, enquiring to stay in your home. Freebird messaging has been set up so that each time you receive a message on your Freebird profile, we will send you an email notifying you. 

After you receive an enquiry, you can become acquainted through Freebird messaging, and find out about the interested guest’s plans for the duration of their stay. As a host, you may like to share more meals than breakfast with the guest, and even go sightseeing together. We provide a space for each members wishes to be communicated. If this suits you, you can extend an invitation, if not, then that’s OK, too. 

It is important that all Freebird members feel comfortable during this process and so communication is key! In the time leading up to your guests stay, make sure your guest has directions or the best route to your home. Each member will also receive a booklet outlining things to consider when hosting and being a guest in someone’s home.