How to be a Guest

Freebird Club members are encouraged to connect with one another through traveling from one home to another. By being a guest, you can experience a new place through a local’s eyes, staying in a comfortable environment. Each guest and host becomes acquainted through finding accommodation on The Freebird Club website, ensuring members’ experiences are tailored to their needs. 

Guests and hosts can share stories, experiences, and even meals. The Freebird Club stipulates that guests receive breakfast each morning for the duration of their stay. This is included in the nightly rate, which is paid when your booking is confirmed. This alleviates any possible worry about having to pay during your trip. If anything goes wrong, The Freebird Club will of course be here to help. 

If hosts and guests would like to share meals, we provide a space for that to be communicated. Similarly, if a guest would like to simply stay at a host’s home and explore the area themselves, or like to spend time with their host, we provide a space for this to be discussed. This way, all members know what to expect, and feel comfortable at the host’s home before they even arrive.

Once you are a member of The Freebird Club, you can search for places you would like to visit at dates that suit. You may then look through the various host profiles, ideally finding a like-minded member to stay with, in a location that appeals to you. 

The next step involves the guest sending an enquiry to a potential host, perhaps sharing the nature of your trip. It is then up to the host to send an invite to you, this may be instant or maybe after getting to know you a little through Freebird messaging. When your booking is confirmed, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone. 

We encourage both guest and host to communicate. This might be about dietary or mobility requirements, or even just about the best way to get to the host location. It’s important to ask any questions you may have, helping your trip to run as smoothly as possible.