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When it’s time to review your drawings, AutoCAD® 2023 has a new feature, called Markup Assist, that supports three additional review processes.You can:Review the changes that were made to your drawing, in real time, at a markup speed of 6.9fpsCompare your drawing to other drawings in your file for changes that have been made in the pastCompare your drawings to any drawings in external libraries to find changed elements and find the shared elements among all drawingsPreview your drawing to make sure it looks right and performs as intended.Dynamically generated reviews of a drawing, along with the ability to compare to other drawings are available in the Dynamic Review Panel.Also new in AutoCAD 2023, is the ability to import images from Microsoft® OneNote® files and turn them into BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files directly from the drawing surface.And with the new Markup Import feature, you can import text, lines, and shapes from a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Office™ Word documents, Microsoft Excel™ files, PowerPoint® documents, PDFs, and web files.All these features are available for users who are licensed to use AutoCAD LT 2023.Support for high-dpi screensWith AutoCAD LT 2023, you can open a drawing up to 32 times more accurately at 1000ppi, compared to a drawing opened at 72ppi.AutoCAD LT 2023 can read and process drawing files up to 4.8x4.8 million pixels.The AutoCAD LT 2023 Dynamic Settings feature provides a new method for AutoCAD LT users to set up their display system based on their application, not on a single mode (such as High DPI, or Hi-Res) or resolution.With the Dynamic Settings feature, the default size and resolution of the display will change based on the application that is running.When you open a drawing at 72ppi, the Dynamic Settings feature allows you to quickly and easily change your screen settings to 1000ppi in a few clicks.With the new native setting and display resolution support in AutoCAD LT 2023, AutoCAD LT users can experience the best possible resolution at up to 1,000ppi.The display support for High DPI 2be273e24d

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