Social networking is not just for kids

Social networking is a great way to get news, follow the exploits of friends and famous people and keep up to date with trends. Colet Murphy explains the basics.

Tweet with Twitter

Twitter is about posting your thoughts online and your thoughts are called “tweets.” A tweet is like having a mini conversation as you have to complete your comment in 140 characters including spaces. You can learn all sorts of interesting things from Twitter. Most news events appear on Twitter before you hear about them on radio or television. If you have a particular interest or you like a particular famous person you can follow them on Twitter and get updates about what they’re thinking or doing every time they sent a tweet.

To set up an account – go to Getting your comments into a very short sentence will definitely exercise your brain. It can take a bit of planning to post a tweet!


Pin boarding with Pinterest

Pinterest is like an online notice board. It allows you to ‘pin’ items you view online and like to your very own Pin board. It encourages you to get creative in organising your ‘pins’ into different categories of interest and it suggests other items you might like to view based on the personal boards you have created.

To set up an account – go to Once you set up a Pinterest account whenever you browse the Internet, you will see many sites/articles and photos with the option to “Pin” it. This is a quick way to save items directly to your notice board automatically and is a bit like sticking a post-it note to your fridge!


Instant Photo Sharing with Instagram

Instagram is a social networking app (application) made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. You can take photos or make videos and instantly share with your family and friends. Much like Facebook, when you create an Instagram account you have a profile and a news feed – where everyone comments and shares as a community. Your friends who are following your Instagram account can like, share and comment on your lovely photos and videos.

To set up an account – go to Great idea for creating a quick video to send instantly to friends wishing them a Happy Birthday or to celebrate some other important event.


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