Your Safety & Security

The Freebird Club strives to create a real sense of trust and security among our members, and the safety of our hosts and guests is our number one priority. For this reason, all of our members are checked and verified before any bookings can take place.

To join The Freebird Club you are required to upload two photographs:
1) A copy of a valid proof of identity document. This may be a passport, national identity card or a driver’s licence. 
2) A photograph chosen to be your profile photo. This must include your face. 

The Freebird Club team manually checks that both the photo and date of birth on the official identification corresponds to the profile photo and the provided date of birth.

The Freebird Club uses a highly secure user-friendly payment system called Stripe. This system facilitates payment using members’ bank or credit card details.

In joining The Freebird Club, the team sends an email to the given email address. This email seeks to confirm the address provided. Upon completion of the joining process, an email confirming membership to The Freebird Club will also be sent. 

As we prioritise the safety of all members, only first names are visible on each members’ profile. To keep a host’s location private, a map of the host’s general area is shown. When a booking is confirmed, each party receives the other members full name and the guest receives the host’s address. A host may share their phone number with the guest if they wish to. 

We currently store documents on Amazon. This storage complies with the safe harbour regulations. All documents are encrypted, and only accessible with private tokens dynamically generated. Please note that documentation provided by members is never published on The Freebird Club website.